Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shooting Party

A couple of weeks ago, H1 told me that when boys play, they go "'Peow, peow', when they don't like you!" She said this while holding out her hand in a shooting gesture.

A few days ago, after coming home from daycare, she and I were sitting on the floor chatting about the day.

Baby : "Oochiya was naughty today!"
Me : "Oh! Why? What did he do?"
Baby : "He pushed me! And disturbed me!"
Me : "Oh dear! Did he push you and disturb you?"
Baby : "Yes Ammi! He did both!
Me : "So, what did you do?"
Baby : "I said Peow! Peow!!"

Oh! The violence in this world, even at such a tender age! ;o)

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