Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Night-time Fears

H1 has suddenly become afraid of the dark. If I leave her in bed alone (even for a few minutes to go to the bathroom), she starts crying, saying, "I'm scared of the dark". I know this is normal for pre-schoolers, but what is troubling me is that it is hampering my attempts to get her to learn to sleep alone.

I suppose this means I have to go through the torturous ritual of putting her to sleep at least for a few more months!


  1. I slept with my parents till I was close to 10yrs. Would you believe that! Some children fear the dark, I was one and a "Bayagulla".
    Try introducing a night lamp till she falls a sleep, what she needsis an assurance till she falls a sleep. Many people even the adults do not like to sleep in total darkness, the little light makes them comfortable.

  2. Thanks Ajith mama. She does have a night lamp, its the shadows cast by that she is mostly scared of ;o). This is just a natural phase she is going through, so I'll just sleep with her for the time being and let her grow out of it gradually.
    Though she falls asleep in our bed, she is moved to her own bed once she is deeply sleeping. So no-worries for me that she will sleep with us until 10!